Soccerclub Forholte donates old uniform youth

Soccerclub Forholte donates old uniform youth to All4Africa Foundation.
Soccerclub Forholte (VV Forholte) is the sportsclub of the village Voorhout. De club was founded on 23 augustus 1932 and has the largest youth department of the Netherlands.

Because the youth of this soccerclub received brand new uniforms it seemed the directors of the club a good idea to donate the old uniforms to All4Africa Foundation. Great news for the foundation, but absolutely great for African soccerteam Young Santos Talinding in Gambia who are now, by means of soccerclub Forholte donation, are sponsored by none other than Snackbar Pim’s Place 😉

Soccerclub Forholte, we thank you for this donation!






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