Welcome to the All 4 Africa Foundation’s website

The foundation

The All 4 Africa Foundation is an entirely charitable foundation dedicated to collecting clothing and footwear that can be reused by the needy in Africa. Collections are usually facilitated by businesses, various associations, clubs and schools. The All 4 Africa Foundation puts out a call for shoes and clothing to be collected on certain days, after which the items are sorted and made ready for transport to the African continent. Here, your hand-me-downs find a new life with people for whom decent clothing is not necessarily a given.

Our vision

A world out of balance. A world in which over a third of the global population lives below the poverty line. A world in which you MUST help each other!


With the help of businesses, various associations, clubs and schools, the All 4 Africa Foundation collects used clothing and shoes. Our aim is to make clothing available to the needy in Africa, with the explicit expectation that this can somewhat improve their difficult existence!


The All 4 Africa Foundation has found a number of registered and reliable partner organisations who are willing to work together in a synergetic relationship. Many of our partners are located in continental Africa, which is an absolute necessity in order to ensure that the collected clothing gets to the people who need it honestly and fairly!


We do not have any job openings at this time.

We do not receive any government subsidies for our efforts, which means that we have to cover the costs of the entire operation independently. You understand therefore that your help is more than welcome…

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