Why the All 4 Africa Foundation?

Millions of people in Africa live in dire poverty. Aside from the lack of clothing which All 4 Africa Foundation essays to address, Africa is beset by climate-related problems, a lack of water, poor sanitation, underdeveloped health care and negative future prospects. The All 4 Africa Foundation no longer wants to be resigned to this situation and is looking for partnerships with local organisations in order to develop integrated communities.

Distinguishing character of the foundation

Contrary to many other charitable organisations, the All 4 Africa Foundation has chosen a completely different approach. The organisation is proud to be labelled ‘lean-and-mean.’ No unnecessarily high overhead, no crazy personnel costs, no expensive offices, no fleet of company cars! In addition, we can contribute more value to the cause than other organisations because of the fact that we manage to get collected clothing to needy individuals on a one-on-one basis, without extremely high costs and without allowing even one euro to remain in the hands of those with ‘sticky fingers.’

In order to help the needy, public support and involvement is crucial. Partly because of this, the All 4 Africa Foundation continuously works to raise public awareness about global poverty issues.

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